About Sheila

Sheila’s professional working history : she was originally a classically trained professional violinist and musician from a musical lineage, having studied at the Royal College of Music and graduating with a GRSM degree and ARCM diploma. For nearly twenty years she had a thriving career in the mainstream classical music world, freelancing with many orchestras and chamber groups including the Royal Ballet and the Castalian Duo, and running a teaching practice alongside her performing work. Some years ago she felt drawn to use her musical abilities in a more holistic way; she trained as a Sound Healer with Simon Heather, principal of the College of Sound Healing, and studied Gong with Don Conreaux. 

Sheila is a senior course tutor for the UK College of Sound Healing, running one of the main training courses for the College – the Gong Practitioner Course. She has also over many years taught other Sound Healing, Gong, Chant/Mantra and Harmonium workshops under the College umbrella. She is an experienced Holistic therapist, musician and teacher, having taught and performed music in one form or another for over forty-five years. She is a member of the UK Sound Healers Association, and a member of the Complimentary Medical Association. She is also a traditionally trained Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner. Over the last nearly twenty years Sheila has specialised in the use of the Gong and other related instruments for her Sound Healing work. She does still play the violin with musical friends and colleagues when time permits - these days her repertoire is less formal/classical, and more usually comprises traditional folk songs and original compositions.

In 2010 Sheila published her first book : “Sound Healing with Gongs”, which was the first book of its kind on this specialist subject, and has become a classic reference book for those wishing to begin their journey with the gongs. Her second book on the gong – “In the Heart of the Gong Space” – was published in October 2012. This is a more extensive book on the gong and it's effects for healing on all levels, and more or less continues where Book 1 left off. Sheila has also recorded three Gong CD's - "Transcendence", "Quantum Transformations" and "Sounds of Stillness".
All books and CD's are available to buy from the Online shop on this website.  

Sheila’s Gong workshops are held in a super rural workshop space in East Devon near Honiton in the South West of the UK, within easy access of the M5 and a mainline railway station. However, Sheila does travel to different areas of the UK and occasionally abroad to give workshops when invited and if there is a demand. Please contact her if you would like to arrange a Gong Intensive Weekend workshop in your area. The high price of venue hire in London and the South East means that Sheila rarely teaches there as it is impossible to keep workshop prices affordable when we have to pay such high rents. However, if you can offer a reasonably priced venue in the South East, and would like Sheila to run a Gong Weekend there, do contact us.

Sheila has a Blog site where she writes about current happenings in her work, 
and various other topics. See Sheila's Blog site at this link 

Workshops : Please see Workshops and Events page for details of Sheila's Gong workshops

Gong Training Course : Please see Gong Practitioner Course page for details

Private Gong Therapy Sessions : Sheila sees private clients and has a private Therapy practice in south Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor. From January 2020 a private treatment session with Sheila using the gongs will be £60. Sheila works in varying ways with different clients according to what they need. Some clients just want to experience a gongbath/sound journey especially tailored for them, and that is what is offered here. At your first session, Sheila will use the gongs and other instruments to relax and de-stress you, and bring your whole being back into a state of harmony on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is a deep sonic, meditational, healing experience which usually leaves people very relaxed, refreshed and invigorated, and ready to face the world anew. The gong sounds may clear blockages in the subtle energy body, and enable deep issues to be resolved. Occasionally a client may feel worse for a short while before they start to feel better, while any clearing is happening. This is part of the healing process, and is an indication that the gong sounds are doing their healing work.
Clients who visit Sheila for a gongbath or an Assemblage Point session in Devon will have the opportunity to experience the majestic healing power of the 60" Universal gong first-hand, as well as some of the other superb high quality gongs she uses in her work.

Assemblage Point :
At subsequent sessions Sheila may suggest checking the alignment of your Assemblage Point - the centre of the human subtle energy field, and the basis of the whole human experience. If it needs adjusting, she will carry out the re-alignment before following up with some gentle gongs, singing bowls and other harmonious sounds to re-balance and harmonise you. 
The Assemblage Point (AP) is the centre of the energy system of the human body. Everyone has one, but it is a fact that many people have not even heard of the AP, which is crucial to our physical and psychological health, wellbeing and happiness. It affects everything about us - our health, emotions, brain power, ability to interact with others and the world, our beliefs and decisions, our confidence and enthusiasm, our spirituality, and crucially, our feelings about ourselves. If it is out of alignment it can cause unnecessary suffering and ill-health.
The human body is a complex electrical system and the Assemblage Point in the centre of the chest is the very centre of that system. When it is in the right place we feel happy and positive, and interact well with others and our world. If it is out of alignment we may feel unwell, lacking in energy, depressed and anxious, and that life is a struggle. The Assemblage Point can shift out of alignment due to increased stress, a traumatic incident, physical and emotional abuse, a road accident which jolts the whole energy field, a prolonged illness, an operation, a change in relationship or divorce, a bereavement, a bad fall, or any such serious life situation which knocks us "off balance". Then we may well find that we no longer "feel ourselves" and that something is different - that we just cannot function as we used to. Then it is quite likely that the Assemblage Point has shifted out of alignment and caused this change for the worse.

For further information on the Human Assemblage Point please see Simon Heather's website here, and the Whale Medical website here. Please contact Sheila for further details or appointments. An initial Assemblage Point re-alignment costs £60, and to subsequently check and re-align the AP at further sessions is £30 per session. It is useful to re-check the alignment of the AP at one or more subsequent sessions as it may not "hold" after one session if it has been out of place for some time.

Private Gong Lessons : Private gong lessons are held in south Devon. Private lessons are £60 per hour. To book an individual lesson with Sheila please contact her.
Private Harmonium Lessons : Private Harmonium lessons are also held in south Devon. The Harmonium is traditionally used to accompany Sanskrit Mantra Chanting - a practice Sheila has enjoyed since 1997, and she has taught group workshops for eleven years. The group classes are no longer available, but private lessons are possible subject to availability, and cost £60 per hour from January 2020. To book a private Harmonium lesson with Sheila please contact her.

N.B. Sheila's charges for all one-to-one treatment sessions and private lessons are £60 from January 2020. Our prices have remained low for about eight years, and in that time expenses have risen considerably (electricity for instance has nearly doubled in price), and treatment fees do now need to reflect the increased costs involved. 

Advance online payment for all Workshops, Courses, Therapy sessions, lessons and events is available here : Online Shop & Bookings N.B. It has been brought to our attention that occasionally people experience hiccups in the Paypal payment software. If you have problems when trying to book for a workshop or buying Sheila's CD's or books, just email Sheila the details using the Contact form, and she will send you a Paypal invoice directly.